FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Super Scooper is committed to keeping your backyard clean. Start enjoying your yard again by simply calling us at 208-519-2084. Satisfaction is guaranteed! Below are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do you make sure my dogs don’t get out of the yard…
Safety is our main priority!

We are very conscientious about making sure that gates are firmly secured while in the yard and when leaving. We take extra care to make sure that your dog stays in the yard while we enter and exit the yard.

Is there an extra charge for the first dog waste cleanup?
In most cases, we are able to start pooper scooper services for you at our basic rates.

If it has been awhile since the yard was last cleaned and there is a large amount of accumulated dog waste that needs to be cleaned up, an initial dog waste cleanup fee may apply. We would be more than happy to come out and take a look at your yard and give you a no-obligation estimate.
How am I charged for the pet waste removal services?
We do not require advance payments!

We will send you a bill on the 27th of the month for that month. We want you to be completely satisfied in knowing that you received exceptional services before paying for it. We most major credit cards and use Square for our billing. We also offer our no hassle, automatic monthly credit card payment option.

How much is pooper scooper service?
Super Scooper offers inexpensive pricing for dog waste removal.

The cost depends on the number of dogs, the frequency of dog waste pick up, and the size of the yard being cleaned. Click on the link below to see Super Scooper’s pricing list. If you have any questions about our pet waste removal services please call 208-996-0847. Click here for our Pricing .
What areas do you service?
We Currently cover the Boise, Meridian and Eagle areas.

Who should hire a professional Pooper Scooper service?
Dog owners…

…who are unable to pick up after their dog or just want to enjoy their yard without the hassle of dog waste clean up. Those parents with small children who enjoy playing outside or if you use your yard often. Those with physical or visual impairments that find it difficult or impossible to clean your yard. Those who have better things to do than dog poop cleanup.

Am I required to sign a contract?
No! You can start and stop your service at any time.

There is no minimum service period. We are committed to building customer loyalty through great service, not long-term contracts.

Should I unlock my gate?
Yes. For safety reasons, Super Scooper will not climb or jump over fences.

Please have your gate unlocked on your service day. If you like, we can loan you a lock (at no cost). Our Professional Pooper Scooper will contact you if another appointment is needed because of lack of access to your yard..

Will I need to confine or restrain my dog?
Not unless your dog is potentially aggressive.

Super Scooper loves dogs and really enjoys spending time with them! However, we love our fingers, so if your dog is aggressive, we will have to ask you to restrain or confine your pet. Please contact us about your situation if there is any question about your dog’s temperament
Do you do dog poop removal all year, including winter?
Yes! We offer pet waste cleanup and removal all year.

Snow or inclement weather may delay our professional pooper scoopers from time to time but we are usually able to catch up on our scheduled dog waste clean up within a day or two. In the winter, we will occasionally get a snow that may cause us to miss an entire week, in this case, we will credit your account 1/4 the regular fee for the missed cleanup. This is due to the fact that we will still have twice as much dog waste to cleanup on the next scheduled visit.

What about holidays?
We work to vary our schedule or work most of the summer holidays to have you ready for those special events.

We do not work the following holidays:
New Years

What about vacation days when I need my service skipped?
Call us! We will make sure to miss those days.

Please give us as much notice as possible so we can “skip” that service. If we have at least 24 hours notice and the dog(s) will not be using the yard, there will be no charge for that “skipped” service. Have a great vacation!

What happens if we get another dog?
Call us and we will add it to your service.

We can visit more frequently or we can schedule more pet waste cleanup time on each visit. Please see Super Scooper’s fees for multiple dog waste removal rates. Then, contact us about upgrading your pooper scooper service.

What happens if we move?
No Problem.

If you are moving within Ada County, just give us a call and we can move your service to your new home address. You can then have your pooper scooper service continue smoothly so when you get to your new house, we already have dog waste clean up set up for you.

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